A Teramor Story

Submitted by Amy on 9 August 2017

Teramor Corporation’s start as a marketing agency in 2000, began with a large brand hospitality account that would be our mainstay for several years. The whole focus in the beginning was executing high performance work and results for our client who required extensive direct marketing service. We were confident in our ability and the talent on the team, and our work excelled. As word spread about our performance with significantly high volumes of data and new customer generation, others called for our services.

We carefully considered every new business relationship so there would never be compromised performance in our work, no matter the size. That meant we would only take quality clients as was appropriate in scope. After seven years, we supported the in-house transition for our first client that would open Teramor to expand other relationships.

Over the years we’ve maintained the same approach with every client, to provide excellence in service like they are our first and only. Today we still serve several home builders, resort developers, ad agencies and retail companies. Teramor is also privileged to work with specialized real estate businesses in customer generation along with hotel brands like Hyatt, Fairmont and The Ritz-Carlton.

One thing we have never done is promote Teramor as a marketing agency for new business. Its been organic growth, all referrals, and we think it shares something that we never say out loud… that “we are good at what we do, we care, and we are results proven”.

A mentor once shared the sigmoid curve and said, ‘when things are good, accelerate with something new to grow your business’.

Teramor is now entering a new phase based on the speed of change we absorb each day and the need for advanced services. There are still businesses in that will still require the direct marketing approach for customer generation. It works for certain segments and we will continue to provide list acquisition, post and email service on their behalf.

Digital and social media demands are so strong, they challenge companies just to keep up with content and multi-layered communications to advance leads toward a purchase, and much more. Take a moment to look at our expanded services and let us know how we can help.

Our intention is to grow and promote Teramor Marketing while staying true to the business values we’ve held over the years. We will continue with our team and the talented people aligned with the company, to provide the ultimate in service for our clients. (Services link)